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RJ Industrial Corporation, established in year 1988, is a professionally managed, cable manufacturing company, having PAN India market presence and a very large satisfied customer base including leaders like ABB, BHEL, BEL, L &T, TATA, ESSAR, IL, DMRC, ECIL and large number of others. It has all integrated manufacturing facilities including wire drawing, plating, stranding, insulation lines, braiding & armouring and sheathing for various materials like PVC, XLPE, PTFE, TEFLON, RUBBER all in-house & do not depend on job workers. Apart from all manufacturing facilities it has complete testing facilities as per IS/BS/VDE/IEC/ASTM and relevant standards. The company enjoys product approvals like ISI, LCSO, C-DOT, RDSO, CQAPS and Departmental approvals like DGQA, NSIC, and CE etc. It had achieved ISO 9000 certification in year 1997 and now ISO 9001-2015 which is implemented at each & every stage in factory. Company employs around 100 workers including Engineers, technical & trained professionals. The custom made cables as per users requirement are designed in house to cater the individual needs and customer services department extend full support for designing a cable for a given need

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  • Copper wire plating & drawing, plating of silver, Nickle and Tinning in house.
  • Conductor manufacturing, unilay stranding and bunching, CNC Bunching machines.
  • Insulation, Extruders for PVC, XLPE, PE, FRLS, PU, Nylon, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PEEK.
  • PTFE Tape manufacturing/Extrusion, of tape/slitting.
  • PTFE wrapping machines, CNC wrapping.
  • Braiding machines, twisting, bunching, laying.
  • Sheathing of PVC, FRLS, PU, ZOHAL, LFH, ETFE, FEP.
  • Armouing & Laying Machine.
  • Rubber manufacturing Machines, open mill, kneader, extruders.
  • Boilers & Vulcanisation, equipment.
  • Overhead cranes & Heavy Material handling.


  • Complete test lab for IS 694.90, IS 1554 Part-1, IS 9968 Part- I & Part-II, Zero Halogen & Toxicity Test Laboratory.
  • Test lab as per JSS 51034.94 & MIL-W-16878.
  • Chemical test lab for measurement of Silver, Nickel, Tinned Copper & Galvanized Steel Wires.
  • FRLS test laboratory as per ASTM 2863, IEC.
  • Other facilities to test samples as per BS/ASTM/IEC standards.
  • Facilities as per VDE 0472/0812 etc.

Corporate Office:
RJ Industrial Corporation
1-2, Industrial Estate
(Uttrakhand), India
Tel: +91-1332-268223, 265307

Our Clients


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Approvals & Certification

RJ Wires & Cables are approved by many departments, organisations etc. We have listed few prominent approvals & certifications. We are one of the foremost cable manufacturer to get ISO 9002 certification in India. In the year 1997 we received ISO 9002 certification from DNV of The Netherlands. Now we are ISO 9001:2015 certified company..

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RJ Industrial Corporation understands the local demand and provides best services catering to customer’s requirements.