Underfloor Heating Cable Manufacturer

R J Industrial Corporation is a renowned brand as Underfloor Heating Cable Manufacturer. We are the leading Heating Cable Manufacturer who uses the best quality of raw material sourced from the categorized vendor existing in the market. We are the versatile manufacturers of underfloor heating cable who primarily identifies the need of the customer and demand in the market and then turns on to switch with the construction of the product. We manufacture the under floor heating cable which is of high class and fulfills the compatibility obligations of the industry standards. We manufacture the heating cable with the access of electricity which will make it more efficient.

We manufacture the apparatus or say the appliances which will help our customer to implant Underfloor Heating Cable in order to get the warm floors. We are manufacturing the heating cables which will be easy to install in any room of your home and can also be applied at any type of floor. We are manufacturing the product which is very easy to fix and assemble and the faults can also be ripped up without digging up the whole floor rather it can be corrected as and when it happens at a certain place it is taking place from the central control. These heating cables are heated electrically and therefore they are made with utmost care to the safety from electric shocks. We offer the reliable and efficient energy products. These can get easily installed and under the floor.

Product Features:

  • • These underfloor heating cables can get easy installed
  • • These can be fixed in rooms of your homes and on any type of flooring.
  • • Faults can be corrected without ripping up the whole floors.
  • • This is the best deal for low energy consumption as it heats electrically.
  • • These heating cables are available as per the customer’s requirement.
  • • We supply them at nominal rates.